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It’s time to replace your roof, but how do you decide what contractor to choose. Are all roofs installed equally? Do I go with the cheapest quote?

Here are some key points on why roofing quotes vary between companies.

Roof Replacement Cost

A roof replacement project can be a significant investment and, for some, price plays a key role when deciding which company to choose. Some quotes can be very low or some significantly higher than the rest, but why? Here are some key points that explain how the prices may vary and important factors to consider when choosing a roofing contractor:

Roof Replacement and Installation Materials

Not all roofing companies install roofs equally. The type of material used can not only affect the costs of the roof, offering you a lower costs, however it is important to note that lower quality material could result in a roof that has a shorter life span and be prone to potential leaking, which will cost you more in the future. You could have to either replace your roof sooner or pay for costly repairs.   The top visible layer of your roof should not be the only material considered when deciding which quote to accept. The type of underlayment used and how it is applied is also important.  This key point can not only impact your warranty from the shingle manufacturer, but if not used, can result in serious damage.  For instance, a common issue in our Canadian winters is ice damning, and if ice and water shield is not applied, this can result in water backing up under the shingles and into your home as the ice damn melts.

Experienced workers 

As we all know, the more experience and knowledge one has in a specific field, the more one gets paid, therefore chances are the lowest quote will involve lower paid staff which likely means less experience. Experience is important when hiring a roofer since, as mentioned above, if the shingles are not installed correctly, and the right materials are not selected, this can potentially cause problems with the shingle manufacturer warranty, ice damning problems, ventilation issues & increased chances of wind damage and leaks. We suggest looking for a roofing company that has roofers who are certified as Select Master Shinglers by the shingle manufacturer such as CertainTeed.

Ethical standards

Unfortunately, the roofing industry has a bad name for fly by night contractors or contractors that don’t honour their warranty. Such contractors can offer a lower price since they don’t have to consider honoring warranty work in the future. Look for a company that has good reviews on a reliable review site. has amazing customer reviews on one of the most reliable contractor review websites called Check out our excellent reviews here:

Why Us?

Feel confident when choosing RoofRepairs.Ca.  We use quality material, follow manufacturer specifications for maximum warranty coverage, have experienced roofers that hold Master Shingler certificates, offer competitive pricing with other reputable companies, hold a 10-star rating on and honour our warranties.

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  1. Quality Material - Ensure you choose a quality shingle brand, like CertainTeed, and that your quote includes quality underlayment such as ice and water shield.
  2. Experienced Roofers - Hire a contractor the uses experienced roofers.  When replacing CertainTeed shingles, look for those with the Master Shingler Certificate.  Beware of companies who hire subcontractors as they have little control over who they hire.
  3. Reputable Company - Always check reviews & ensure the contractor is insured.

Feel confident in choosing RoofRepairs.Ca

We use quality material, follow manufacturer specifications for maximum warranty coverage, have experienced roofers that hold Master Shingler certificates, hold a 10-star rating on and honour our warranties.




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Copyright © 2017 | Privacy Policy